Ultimate Executive Desk-29"x71"x28"

Ultimate Executive Desk-29"x71"x28"


Ultimate Executive Desk

Wood & Aluminum Desk-29"x71"x21

One of a Kind

Pre-Civil War, American Black Walnut wood was used to create this exquisite modern desk. The walnut tree grew on an old farm in Sarver, Pennsylvania. The artists took the tree to a sawmill and when they saw the gorgeous grain, they had the wood cut into 2 inch thick slabs. Those 2 inch thick slabs became the top of the desk. The entire desk is made of solid walnut. There are 4 drawers; a 4" drawer, a 5" drawer and an 11" drawer to hold files. In the center is a shallow 13" drawer. The inside of the drawers are made of solid oak. The desk has inlays of acid etched aluminum art which was designed for this desk. This desk is a rare prize.

Dimensions:  29″H, 71″W, 28″D

This piece ships within two to three weeks

Shipping charge and wooden crate included in the cost of the desk.

Please note: This artwork ships via freight.


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