Six O'Clock Wall Clock-28"H x 7"W x 1"D

Six O'Clock Wall Clock-28"H x 7"W x 1"D


Six O"Clock Wall Clock-

28 inches high x 10 inches wide x 5 inches deep

Walnut Wood and Acid Etched Metal with maple inlay

This unique clock is wonderfully creative. All the numbers of a clock are represented by dots of inlay maple wood or the numbers are incorporated into the etched metal artwork. The only number that appears to be missing is the number 6. When you look at the whole piece, you will find that the number 6 is the entire piece of metal. This is fun!

The clock numbers may not be where you expect them to be but each number is placed to tell the correct time. The clockworks are Seiko brand which is known for accuracy. The clock require one AA battery. Battery included.

The cost of shipping is included in the price of $275.00.

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