Oak Abstract Wall Clock 54"H x 12"W

Oak Abstract Wall Clock 54"H x 12"W


Sometimes there is a piece of Oak wood that speaks volumes. The oak wood in this clock has grain and curls and waves that glow under the lacquer finish. The numbers of the clock that fall on the wood are inlayed dots of purple heart wood.

The metal artwork on this piece has lots of good attributes. The numbers on the clock are carefully integrated into the abstract artwork. The numbers on the clock may not be where you expect them to be but they are exactly where they need to be to tell the correct time.

The metal art is aluminum. Each piece is hand painted with a special paint. When the one-of-a kind art work painting has completely dried, the entire piece of metal is submerged into acid. the acid attacks the background part of the metal artwork. The artwork remains in high relief after the paint is removed.

This clock is quite a conversation piece!

The clock runs on a Seiko brand quartz clock. One AA battery is required.

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