Oak and Sea Wall Clock

Oak and Sea Wall Clock


Wall Clock- 54 Inch High x 10 Inch Wide

Rich oak wood and acid-etched aluminum are combined to create this modern wall clock. The oak has inlay dots of purple heart wood to signify the numbers 12 o'clock to 5 o'clock. The rest of the clock numbers are integrated into the metal artwork. The numbers may not be where you expect them to be, but they are where they need to be.

   The original artwork is painted by hand onto the metal, which is then submerged into acid. The acid burns away the unprotected background, and the artwork remains in high relief. The metal is beautifully polished and protected with a hard finish that requires no maintenance.

  The clock works are Seiko, a brand recognized for accuracy and quality. Requires one AA battery, which is included.

dimensions-54 H x 10 W x 1.5 D

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