Anyway Time- 54"H x 12"W

Anyway Time- 54"H x 12"W


Curly Oak Wood is stained to accent the exciting grain for use in this clever clock.

The acid etched metal art uses geometric shapes to indicate the clock numbers. The numbers may appear to be in unlikely places but each number is accurately placed.

This clock may hang vertically or horizontally.

The clock works is Seiko brand which is well regarded for accuracy. The quartz clock runs on one AA Battery which is included.

Shipping and wooden crates for our large items are not included in the price. Each piece is professionally crated and freight charges are based on destination.

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The "Anyway Time" clock can be hung in any direction.

This handsome conversation piece is made of stained oak wood and acid etched metal.

"I usually work actual numbers into the design of my clocks. This time, I worked the numbers into the design but the numbers are dots. The dots are precisely placed to tell the time.

Now, you can hang the clock vertically or horizontally! You will be surprised at how differently the clock looks in a different places and different directions. It is fun to experiment with the clock designs"

This clock is one-of-a kind.

A Seiko quartz movement runs the clock. The Seiko brand is known for reliability. One AA is included