Number 6 Grandfather Clock- 83"x19"x10"

Number 6 Grandfather Clock- 83"x19"x10"


Number 6 Grandfather Clock defines functional art. It looks like a sculpture and it works like a clock.

Number 6 Grandfather Clock is the same height as a grandfather clock and this clock always shows the correct time. One AA battery runs the accurate Seiko quartz clock. The metal artwork is acid etched aluminum. The artist hand paints the original art designed for this one-of-a kind clock. The painted metal art is submerged into acid. The acid dissolves the unpainted areas of the metal art. The artwork remains in high relief when the protective paint is removed. The artwork integrates the numbers of the clock with the flowing geometric theme of the Number 6 Grandfather Clock.

The nontraditional clock face is integrated into the wooden structure. The clock numbers are technically and precisely placed to show the correct time. The numbers may not be where you expect them to be but they are where they need to be.

Solid Pennsylvania cherry wood has been stained with the artist's custom deep eggplant color. The entire piece is sealed with a beautiful lacquer finish.

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