Natural Cherry Arch-48" x 21" x1.5

Natural Cherry Arch-48" x 21" x1.5


Natural Cherry Arch

Wood & Metal Wall Sculpture

(ID: A83776)

Created by Evy Rogers

One of a Kind

Timeless, outstanding craftsmanship and modern design are like the natural cherry wood and metal art that come together to form this elegant wall art.

The metal artwork is acid etched aluminum. The artwork is a flowing geometric design. Each piece of aluminum is hand shaped and finished with saws, files and buffing. The artwork is painted by hand onto the metal and submerged into acid. The acid burns away the unprotected background and the artwork remains in high relief. The metal is beautifully polished and protected with a hard finish that requires no maintenance.

The 51 Inch Natural Cherry Arch Wall Art is constructed using one solid board of Pennsylvania Cherry from the artists' private stock of aged wood. The cherry wood has a natural finish and a warm glow. The metal art and the metal dowel rods are precisely inlaid into the edge of the wood and finished with carefully placed splines. This art piece was designed to hang vertically or horizontally. Superb craftsmanship and cutting edge design makes this one-of-a kind piece an outstanding acquisition to a fine craft collection.

Dimensions:  48″H, 21″W, 1.5″D

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