The Concert with a Hanging Note-15.5"x41"

The Concert with a Hanging Note-15.5"x41"

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The Concert

Wood & Metal Wall Art

One of a Kind

The night air is filled with music. The concert music transforms us, and we sing along.

The frame is made of Pennsylvania cherry wood. The grain is enhanced with our custom stain. Both the wood and the metal are sealed with a lacquer finish. The metal art is aluminum. The artwork is painted onto carefully prepared high-grade aluminum. When the special paint is dry, the art is submerged into a bath of acid. The acid burns away the background and leaves the art in relief. The metal art has been cut out with sculpted edges. The metal is filed, buffed, and finished as if it were jewelry.
Overall Dimensions:  15.5″H, 41″W, 2″D

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