Metal and Glass Hall Table- 29"H x 40"L x14"D

Metal and Glass Hall Table- 29"H x 40"L x14"D


This Metal and Glass Hall Table appears to float. The table takes up space physically but not visually. The table is 14" deep and it is designed to fit in a hallway or entry way. The table also looks great behind a couch where the back of the couch is visible.

 The table top is aluminum. Each piece is  painted with a special paint. When the art work painting has completely dried, the entire piece of metal is submerged into acid. The acid attacks the background part of the metal artwork. The artwork remains in high relief after the paint is removed.

Each top is hand buffed to a beautiful finish and sprayed with a lacquer finish that requires no maintenance. This top features a celestial motif. Other patterns are available. Please call for info.

The glass base has the same artwork as the border in the metal top.

The glass ships flat. Some assembly required.

Shipping and wooden crates for our large items are not included in the price. Each piece is professionally crated and freight charges are based on destination.

Call Evy for details: 412-657-1989

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